Bad Comes First: Excerpt

Charles Campion, known to everyone but his mom as Bad, stretched back in his chair and checked the clock. Almost time. Five, maybe seven more minutes before the kid’s shift in the mail room. He checked the feeds for the rest of the cameras in the main campus building. (The “Hub”, as it was called, though the decorative domed roof in the center of the courtyard lent itself to nicknames like “The Clit” and “The Nipple” and “The Nub”.) The door at the bottom of the frame in camera three pushed open. Bad sat up. Not too tall, not too

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Home for the Holidays: Excerpt

Three hours until Teddy and D planned to drop off Hope. Five hours until his parents were set to arrive. Rory stood in the pantry and tried very hard not to hyperventilate. “Honey? I was wondering where the—” Geo broke off. “I’m fine.” Okay, technically my voice is shaking and I’m staring at a bag of brown rice like it’s telling my fortune, but I’m fine, really. “Rory.” He closed his eyes, sensing Geo in the air behind him. “On your knees,” Geo said, very quietly. “We’re in the pantry. And there’s so much to do. I still haven’t finished

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The Ghost in the Penthouse: Excerpt

THE DREAM Sometimes Hiram dreams of his ghosts. In these dreams they are not yet ghosts, they are merely people, the people they were in life, in his memories. An old man, the kind of man who considers himself master of his domain, who always stands tall and straight, and insists boys, even young boys, do the same. The kind of man who, when squeezing his grandson’s shoulder in greeting, will squeeze just a little too hard. Hiram never cries out—he knows better than that—but he does bite down on his tongue and edge away ever so slowly from that

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Close to Home: Excerpt

The waiting room was full. Maizy and Roar stood against the wall, looking around from a defensive corner position, so as not to step on any purses, coats, or babies. “What about that one?” Roar whispered—no, breathed—into her ear. She followed his gaze, but the guy looked like he’d just walked off the shoot of the Lumberjacks of the Great White North calendar. “Ew, Roar. Facial hair.” “Not the guy, the baby.” Maizy studied the baby, but babies all looked the same. “He looks…healthy?” “Are you calling that baby fat?” Roar whispered. One of the nearest moms glanced up at

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Home Free: Excerpt

Teddy Mariposa stood in his kitchen, unobtrusively eavesdropping on his guests. Well, technically only one of them was a guest. Everyone else was here for Family Dinner, which defaulted them to non-guest status. D took up the spot beside him at the counter. “This is like Family Dinner, Big Brother Edition,” she murmured. “Hey, Teddy, you’re with the CIA. Can’t you get someone to okay the wedding?” “Shh, I’m trying to hear this.” “Like a good spy.” He waited, because the very act of saying “shh” to D guaranteed she wasn’t actually going to stay quiet. “Anything so far?” Teddy

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The Honeymoon: Excerpt

Hugh was up first. Hugh was always up first. He took his coffee out to the little porch and sat, with a blanket tucked around him, watching the waves. It was the end of their honeymoon. Soon, they’d pack up, say goodbye to Will (who would cry, but try not to), and drive north. Truman would want to touch Will a lot. Will would turn into his skin like a flower to sunlight. He wasn’t surprised one of them found him. He was a little surprised it was Truman. “Good morning, my prince.” Hugh shifted the blanket to make room.

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Excerpt: Home Free

Okay, I cannot keep looking at teary suicide podcast at the top of the feed. Hm. What do you guys want? How can I serve you? What's that? Oh. Excerpt? Well, sure. I'm sliding into the last 25,000 words of this book, let me find a little chunk for you. Processing...processing...processing... Ha. Did you read Going Home? (If not, why not? That sucker's free! Though one of the GR reviewers felt like it was very lecturey, which it undoubtedly is; readers of The Scientific Method will have already noted my enjoyment of a little therapy with my porn...) Going Home ends

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The Boyfriends Tie the Knot: Excerpt

Will was drying, Truman was washing, and Hugh was upstairs doing who-knew-what. Okay, Truman probably knew what, but Will wasn’t asking. Part of the fun. Will was talking about the wedding, as usual. “What’re you guys getting me? Best men get gifts, you know.” “I believe Hugh procured a catalog full of restraints for just that purpose. “Shut up.” He wouldn’t really get Will restraints for a best man gift. Would he? “Anyway. I need a fucking beard.” “Do you need a beard, or do you need Molly? I’m trying to work out if this entire conversation is just an

Roller Coasters: Excerpt

There was this guy. It was never a guy. Once in three months, maybe, Will’s eye would catch on a man and he’d look twice. Despite the fact that he’d now had a long-running non-exclusive relationship with two men for almost five years (granted, only when he was in Oakland, which wasn’t that often), he still mostly looked at girls. But this guy? Was wearing a blouse. At least, Will was pretty sure it was a blouse. And a guy. “I know, right?” Beccs sucked down half her bottle of water. “If stupid-head doesn’t show up soon, I’m going home

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Going Home: Excerpt

It is hereby declared that all people in this land are free and shall thenceforth be considered free forever more. The plaque—fake-bronze and not yet dusty—hung above the doorway of the large room. Rory couldn’t stop staring at it, even though he’d read it enough times for the words to have become meaningless symbols. Free forever more. Except not quite yet. The woman with the pad tapped her screen. “I know it’s difficult,” she said, like she was reading from a script. Or worse, probably: like she had it memorized. “Please be as honest as you can in describing your

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