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Five Times Henry Was in Charge (NSFW)

Five times Henry was in charge, and one time he wasn’t. This is a Control the Smutwriter story, selected by the folks on the mailing list. Five times Henry was in charge and one time he wasn’t. 1. The first time they tried a blindfold, Henry spilled an entire glass of water on the bed. He wasn’t the one with the blindfold on. 2. After roughly three months of begging (Henry called it begging; Math called it “persuasive asking”), Henry finally tied Math to the bed. It was easier to stay focused with Math watching him, but on the other

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The Blank Page! (DRitC edition)

Today's the first day of the new writing project, which is the lovely prompt from Alexis over at the Goodreads M/M Romance group! I'm so fucking excited, I'm giddy. I can't wait for you guys to meet Frazier. (Yes, like Frasier, but his parents thought the "z" spelling was cooler. Because when you're really into Frasier Crane, "cool" is totally your style.) Also, I'm optmizing my workspace. I've never done this much, maybe a little music here or there, but I don't really theme my world. I did, however, do it for both Extremes and Red and Bad, S2, and

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Origin Stories: Fairy Tales

Oh, Fairy Tales. Real spoilers start about halfway through. There's a note. At some point in the middle of 2014 I decided to write a romance novel. As with most things my brain decides, it latched onto the idea and for a few months I wrote (and read) nothing but romance novels. I'd written romance novels before, a handful of times, but I'd never thought of them as romance novels, so this was basically my muse with a brand new chew toy: taking other people's books apart until there was fluff everywhere, destroying the squeaker, generally making a nuisance of itself. No,

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Cover Reveal: Fairy Tales!

Without further ado: the cover! Um. Above. Because that's how Wordpress loads featured images. [Cough, cough.] Time totally got away from me--this was supposed to go out last week! In any case, the book page will be up in the next day or two and you lot who like getting a book early will be able to buy Fairy Tales here on the site on Monday; it'll be available everywhere on Thursday! (My task list reads thusly: COVER REVEAL: last week Feb. BOOK PAGE UP: first week Mar. February, where the hell did you go?) ETA: oh my god, that's

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Fairy Tales: Excerpt

It was the body. Well, the ass. And the broad shoulders under that shirt weren’t hurting, either. It was the moves. Mr Shoulders wasn’t gonna be winning any prizes with his dancing, but Henry found his total, all-encompassing confidence magnetic. But in truth, it wasn’t any of those things. “How’s your brother?” Mr Shoulders called to the bartender, drawing Henry’s attention as well. “Not so good, Matt.” (Only it sounded like he called the guy “Math”, but that couldn’t be right.) “Man, I’m sorry to hear that. If you need anything, Bobby, let me know.” That. That right there pulled

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Math and Henry: The Photo Search

Each time I design a cover, I enjoy the process slightly more. Or maybe hate it slightly less. I definitely dread it slightly less (with a few exceptions; that Surrender the Past cover got to me, and still gets to me, even though it basically looks the way I expected it to). I'm not as emotionally entangled with Math and Henry as I am with most of my characters--yet--so this is a little less fraught. These two fellows do it for me a bit: If I was using this photo, the fella in the back would be Math (Math's got broad shoulders

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Deadline, deadline, deadline!

Fairy Tales: deadline: 31 January 2015. AKA: Tomorrow. (And yes, that gets bold. In fact...) AKA: Tomorrow. Ack! Back to it! If you guys see me here, I'm procrastinating. Also, note, there's a post coming out tomorrow that's a little bit more on the setting of Little Red and the Big Bad, and how it relates to the town I lived in while at college. With pictures! [ETA: I am now making yogurt. Maybe I'll get some writing done while it's incubating...] [ETA2: Best. Yogurt. Ever. Apparently live cultures also feed on procrastination.]

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Let’s play the character naming game!

Mr Shoulders needs a surname, folks. Want to read an early version of the first chapter/prologue of Fairy Tales? Introducing Math and Henry. Math's the one who needs a surname, and I'm open to suggestions. (But considering the book is explicit, please don't offer a name you associate with, like, your close kin. Something random would be best. I used to pull names from liner notes, back before digital music.) This whole damn book is full of names I crowdsourced. Consider any names in the comments totally up for grabs, and I do tend to get grabby! Math short for

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Podcast #12: Production Schedule Goofiness!

I am, evidently, in a giggly mood. Fuck me. No spoilers, I don't think, but this is basically eight minutes of me being a goddamn goofball and mentioning my video-recording lack of professionalism. You've been warned! [ETA: The hair. My nicknames in grammar school? "Furball" and "Afro". Yep.] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0ilhHqUKx8&feature=youtu.be