Gays of Our Lives Book Signing!

I'm digitally signing Gays of Our Lives this weekend over at Ripper's Irregulars, so feel free to stop by! JOIN US! And definitely check out the awesome art folks are making! Featured image credits: Cross stitch sampler done in colored pencil is by Lennan. "Kris Ripper" in shining stars is by Dannie. Bold and bright background (with vines) is by Iben. All the rainbow recreation is by Nadine. Colored inside the lines is by Kelly.

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  • Rippering

Rippering: IT’S A THING.

General Wendy is the best. With grateful thanks to Lennan, who totally came up with the definition, and Iben, whose use of this word brightens me day every damn time. And I think MM Florin is actually the one who posted on Facebook and inspired me to share how I manage to, uh, take productive breaks from writing while...teasing myself about writing. It will come as no surprise to certain folks that the entire thing went down at Hassell and Hall. Rippering: it's good for you!

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Gorgeous SMU Fan Art

Bullet Journaling has taken Hassell and Hall by storm. Some folks (me) use one pen, draw no pictures, and generally make ugly journals. But some people, like @Lennan, make fucking beautiful art. And oh god, look, this is art about my books. I am bowled over and humbled and in awe. So amazing.

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  • Humping Bunnies "You can never go wrong writing more porny bits."


You heard me.   A lot of authors have fans. Many have devoted, wonderful readers, who will reach out to tell us that they've just stumbled upon a line they didn't remember having read before and it made their day, or who want us to know we made them cry, but it was a good cry, and they feel better now. Some of us, though--the luckiest of us--make friends through this business. True friends. The kinds of friends who will leave us snarky comments in the margins of our books, or totally and completely rearrange them in printed pages on

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