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Romance, Fanfic, and the Desert Island

I'm pretty aromantic. I didn't make that up, I found it on the big asexuals website, asexuality.org when doing research for an asexual character in my ghost story. (Her name is Lanie, and she's romantic, but asexual. I consider myself her inverse: sexual, but aromantic.) I fell in love once, and even then, I wasn't romantic about it. I tried. But it's not really my deal. And I don't get off on it. I look at a bouquet of roses and you know what I see? Dead flowers. (I used to consider myself a late bloomer. At what point do

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Let’s Talk About Love Affairs: Author Edition

Let's talk about falling in love. With an author. God, that new author feeling, the thrill of discovery, that moment poised at the brink, knowing you're falling and just fucking going with it. The best moment, even after falling, is looking that author up and finding out they have a backlist. Even I love that, and I'm maybe the stingiest person you've ever met. I stress over a buck ninety-nine gluten free yogurt covered pretzels. How do you find this new love, this brilliant door leading to all the new worlds? Maybe you find them through a friend, online or

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