Motives for murderrrrr! (Ficuary: Day 24)

Another fun one. I always end up thinking of so many more things after I'm done filming, but this was a good time even though it's probably incomplete.

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Saving the cat! (Ficuary: Day 23)

So there's a very famous beat sheet by the late Blake Snyder called "Save the Cat" (also some books I have always been too cheap to buy). The idea being that if your hero saves a cat in the first scene, the audience will be invested in them for the rest of the movie. So I thought I'd, y'know, play with that a bit and see if I could come up with some less heroic cat savings. As with the last few times I've done this, I had a lot of fun. I also went longer and with fewer new

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Romance Tropes! (Ficuary: Day 21)

It's getting harder to come up with topics for brainstorms! I'd also hoped to do more than mainly mind maps, but this daily activity thing is not for the faint of heart. This was a good one, but I really could have done more with, uh, fewer distractions. I HAVE SO MUCH MORE TO SAY. There might be a part two.

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FANTASY TIMELINE! (Ficuary: Day 20)

I'm super proud of this one, y'all. I made me a timeline. It's not super detailed because I don't have the space and haven't done all the generational maths, but it's definitely a good blueprint for how the world ended up the way it is at the beginning of the first book... ...which no, I totally don't have the courage to write, but WHATEVS, I have a timeline, yay.

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Brainstorming the gay neighborhood! (Ficuary: Day 19)

Okay, second ever voiceover, this time with a real microphone and no rain. I could have gone on and on with this mind map but I ran out of space. Really love this neighborhood and the city it's part of, should seriously think about...writing some books set there.

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#spoilers Mid-book Mind Map (Ficuary: Day 17)

Here there be #spoilers for a book I'm actually writing! The Lucy book, Burning Bright, is in need of a mid-book mind map, and here it is. Do not recommend if you are particularly sensitive to spoilers for books.

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Paranormal Series Mind Map (Ficuary: Day 16)

Unplanned, I thought I'd totally fall on my face, but indeed I had SHIT TO WRITE ABOUT. Series brainstorm. Allowing oneself to just brainstorm the fuck out of things one may never actually write is legit good creative energy at work. Once you take off the shackles of having to, uh, I dunno, *do* a book, you can just fuck off with ideas for it.

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Setting! With a name! And a legit rain soundtrack! (Ficuary: Day 15)

So outside lighting on a bright white day of snow and nice. I mean, it's also freezing ass cold, but wow, the lighting. Did this one outside and included the actual soundtrack (sorry about the sniffling, it's damn cold). Also, yay, this city has a name and everything! I KNOW IT'S SHOCKING WHEN I BRAINSTORM SOMETHING WITH A NAME. I'm definitely going to place some shit in this city. Don't know what. Hopefully it will include a couple of queer teens who team up with a secret cabal of librarians to save the world. Maaaaaaaybe...

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Character Brainstorm! (Ficuary: Day 14)

Related to the Nix brainstorm I posted a few days ago. Should I ever write that book, this dude would be a part of it.

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Plotting A Thing (Ficuary Day 13)

I'm trying to get outside my comfort zone a bit. This is graphical (on a scale of like...not at all graphical to very slightly graphical). And it's also a plot I stepped into with absolutely no pre-planning. I tend to do stuff for Ficuary that I have some clue about (mostly because it seems like inviting you to suffer through a lot of me having no earthly idea what I'm doing seems lousy), but this is my project, so I'm trying to push myself. Had no ideas coming into this, just wanted to do something with action and shooting and

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