I talk about food from time to time here. I talk about running a little (when I manage it for a bit; between the kiddo and the hills, it's a challenge). I talk about writing and publishing and selling books. And what all those things come down to are goals, even though I don't set goals that consciously. I meet most of my goals, whether I make them into statements or not. But there are a few stories I tell myself that obstruct other goals, and since I've had no fucking luck so far with them, I figured I'd do

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Food, Food, Food

Man. Food. Can't just take a pill, can't freakin' figure it out. Let me say this, first: I've been gluten free for about...seven years now. Ish. At least, December seven years ago is when I first stopped eating gluten, but I kept screwing up for the first six months or so. Screwing up in the sense that I thought I was eating something gluten free, and it wasn't. I also kept choosing to eat gluten periodically for about the first six months, but by the end of that it was more of a "Oh, you made...cookies. Um. Okay. Sure, I'll

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