New Series! (CLASSIFIED SERIES.) Writerly stuff!

I'm about to start a new series. Well. I say that now. But it's geared toward traditional publishing, so if my agent sends me THERE IS NO WAY THAT COULD EVER SELL DON'T BOTHER WRITING IT feedback, I'll probably shelve it. But. I don't think she's gonna say that. I am so excited. I can't even. And it's a kind of goofy idea, really, but whatever, I'm stoked about it. And. Also. I'm being way more deliberate this time around. Let's talk process! The Old Way So basically I used to just write stuff. No outlines, no notes, no tracking anything.

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Productivity Boosting Routines

Okay, so, I'm OCD. Not cute "oh, ze washes zir hands a lot" OCD. (I don't actually think the hand washing is cute; my commentary is about how it's seen as a sort of designer quirk that has no down side. If you've ever met anyone who makes with the compulsive hand washing, you'll have noted that it ain't that cute. And there are definitely down sides.) Anyway. One of the things about the way OCD manifests in my world is that I have to be very, very careful about routines. Very careful. The kid didn't get a bedtime until she started

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Tabula Motherfuckin’ Rasa

I finished The Boyfriends Tie the Knot on Thursday and actually took the weekend off. (Happy belated Pride, Pride-goers! Kid and I and one of her de facto aunties took off for the beach for our annual Pride weekend beach trip in lieu of going to the parade this year. Maybe next year. Maybe.) TBTTK is the seventh and final official story in the Scientific Method series, and you'll all see it on August 6. It's left me in a strange creative lull, like when you paddle out beyond the waves forming and hit this stillness on the water. The Scientific

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