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Seen (NSFW)

The rare stand alone short story. Inspired with my eternal gratitude by Xan West’s Show Yourself to Me. Takes place in La Vista, but doesn’t star any QLV characters. Also rare in that it’s both first person and present tense, not a configuration I feel all that comfortable in. Sometimes the story tells you what it needs. And you do it. I knew. I’d always known. How Jennifer really felt, how she really thought about me. But she said all the right things and I let myself believe she meant them. Until this moment, wrapped around her leg while she flogs

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Let’s Talk About…Bisexuality

I occasionally get myself into a cyclical conversation with open minded bisexual folks. I'm all for the folks who identify as bi meaning "I am attracted to all the people across the gender spectrum". That's cool. That's fantastic. But I'm a little bit sick of being treated like I'm irrational for not assuming that a hundred percent of bisexuals mean this, and further, for calling out people who act a little entitled about it. It has been my experience that a great many people who identify as bisexual mean that in a binary way. See what I did there? They

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A Little Song and Dance about Pronouns

[This post has been recreated and may not contain its original comments, for which I apologize.] I say everywhere–in the backs of all my books, here on the site, at all the vendors–that I don’t care about pronouns. It turns out… I might be in a bit of denial on that front. So sometime last week I inadvertently caused a seriously awkward situation to go down between two friends of mine, and after apologizing profusely to both of them (and being basically told to shove it, though they’re nicer than I am so it was more polite than that), I

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Video Podcast #6: Origin Stories, Or: How I Conceived My Kid

I am not a doctor. As will be very clear to you during the course of this video. No, but seriously, folks, I left this puppy looooooong. I left it long because when I was trying to conceive (TTC in the lingo), I searched and searched and searched for stories about gender non-binary folks doing the same thing, and that shit was thin on the ground. So this is me doing my part for my people! httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6cjzZ-KZz8

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VideoPodcast #4: Genderqueer: WTF does that mean?

In which I ramble about gender! And totally neglect the number one question asked by people who understand how these things work, which is "What pronouns do you prefer?" Answer: I totally don't care. Pronoun me deliberately, and I don't care if you say zir, them, her, or him. Audio: httpa://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQrgFLIp2T0 Video: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQrgFLIp2T0

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Scribes Should Be Sleeping (And A Call For Help From the Genderqueer and Trans* Among Us)

I have a tattoo on my forearm. It reads: scribe. Because I scribble, you know. Because I put things down on paper, on screen. It's half past one, and I should be asleep. (That subject is an inside joke to myself. I've used "scribes should be sleeping" before, maybe on LiveJournal a million years ago. I'm sure Google can scare it up, if I look.) I'm writing a story. Rewriting a story, but it's a dramatic revision, the kind where the POV flips and the things you had one character telling another character in the rough draft, now occur on-page,

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