Origin Stories: Hugh’s New Dude

AKA: How do you solve a problem like Mary Watson? I cringe in anticipation of every Mary. Because let's be honest: Holmes/Watson is the OTP; Mary is an interloper. (Sherlock rocks my fucking world. The Sherlock Mary is freaking amazeballs. I'd ship her with any character on that show. Not Lestrade. But any other character. Well, okay, not Mycroft, either, though I'd hella ship her with his assistant, whose name escapes me. Mmm. Yummy.) Where was I? I'll try to wipe the smut from my brow and continue. Truman is my Mary Watson. Let me restate, for the record, that in no universe

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Release Day!

Whew! After many hours pursuing a Smashwords pre-orderable book, I've given up. I still have no idea what the issue is, or if it was with the pre-order status, but once I gave up and made the book available immediately, it worked on the first try. We may try it again next time. Or not. Depends how masochistic I'm feeling on that particular day. (Or week.) Hugh's New Dude is now available at Smashwords and AllRomanceEbooks! Keep checking back for the links to Amazon and B&N. [UPDATE: Smashwords AllRomanceEbooks Amazon US Amazon UK]

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