All the Books!

I have just stumbled upon an amazing resource for queer books! It is LGBTQ Reads, and let me tell you my most favorite thing about this site: the way it categorizes books. By both pairing and identity. WHICH I LOVE. I'm constantly troubled by how difficult it is to communicate complexity. Like Queers of La Vista has two F/F books. The Butch and the Beautiful is a romance novel about two lesbians. As La Vista Turns is a romance between a lesbian and a pansexual woman. There is no way to differentiate the two. Likewise the New Halliday books. Fairy Tales is M/M with

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I Get Around

A likely incomplete list of places I've been, and what I've said there... Fictive bits: "Love Letters" (One Life to Lose) at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words "Love Notes" (The Queer and the Restless) at Bayou Book Junkie "Things Hannah Does When She Probably Should Be Fake-Smiling at People" at (The Butch and the Beautiful) at Gay Guy Reading (and Friends) "Things Obie Does When He Probably Should Be Working" (Gays of Our Lives) at The Day Before You Came Deleted scene from Catalysts at Binge on Books Interviews: In which JR Gray and I discuss kinky pirates! In which Gray and

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