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Deep Emotions (NSFW)

Once upon a time, I wrote this story, and posted it. I believe it was another one of Judith’s prompts, though that’s more or less lost to time. Then the database died during a server migration and I had to change webhosts and the old “full backup” wouldn’t transfer to the new host, and this post disappeared…until Maria was like, “Did I dream this?” She did not dream it. It exists! Judith wanted, I think, pre-Truman, Will mad at Hugh. Here we are. It falls right around the beginning of chapter twenty-seven of Catalysts. Will sat on the train, trying

An Impromptu Lesson (NSFW)

In case you didn’t catch all this when it posted back in January–or in case you missed the last bit when it went out with The Library, volume one–here it is again. And a special welcome to anyone stumbling over here from Red Comes Second…I can almost guarantee you’ll enjoy “August” more for having read about how Red and Bad met Hugh and Truman. An Impromptu Lesson is a crossover; it takes place after The New Born Year and between Bad Comes First and Red Comes Second. NSFW. The mop flogger didn’t feel right. Red didn’t know what the hell was

Free Stuff!

I like free stuff. Mostly 'cause I'm cheap. (Also, I don't have enough in my budget line for books to buy what I burn through, but even if I had infinite funds, I'd be too cheap to fully fund my reading habit. I'm a cheap bastard.) I also love writing little bits here and there, revisiting old characters, playing with funky little side plots. I love reading that stuff when my favorite writers do it, and I love fuckin' writing it. So here we are. Stories A Whore in New York (NSFW; crossover between the Scientific Method Universe and The Ghost in

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