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Random Encounters Over Espresso (SFW)

This story is a crossover between Neil and Clem of New Halliday, and Hugh Reynolds of SMU. It’s a Control the Smutwriter story, picked by El over atJustLoveRomance.com for Promptapalooza, 2016. If you’d like to play our reindeer game, go ahead and join the list. El wanted to see Hugh doing his thing, but this went in a slightly different direction. (And also sets up another prompt, which isn’t yet written…) Clem and Brent were arguing, as usual. Even the enjoyment Neil found in trading looks with Si was beginning to wear off. “Seriously, they’ve been like this forever?” Si shrugged. “As

Take the Leap: Excerpt

Neil sat in his car on the bypass and contemplated jumping. Again. He’d only allowed himself to come up here a few times over the last nine years, always in daylight. It was actually quite beautiful. New Halliday spread to either side of the highway, little hamlets here and there, a few larger buildings scattered throughout. The bypass had been built arching high over a little warren of twisting dirt roads and houses not necessarily hooked up to the grid right where the hills began to melt into the flats, and Neil was startled to realize he’d never really noticed

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Excerpt: The Real Life Build!

Hey, so remember when the site died. For a month. Because host issues? Apparently one of the nuggets published during the window of no backups ("full backups" cannot be trusted) was the nifty audio excerpt I recorded. Also lost: the text excerpt. Presented for you now in one place, the first bit from The Real Life Build, in audio and text. This book should be read after Fairy Tales, and can be read either before or after The Spinner, the Shepherd, and the Leading Man, which runs concurrently with very little crossover. Updated to add: I still can't find the audio track on my computer. Loud

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Origin Story: The Real Life Build

I've been writing for a damn long time. And let me say this first: I don't mean to imply that writing for a long damn time in any way leads to writing well. At all. What it does lead to is having had many thousands of characters pass through one's writing life, and a few of the more compelling eventually make their ways into current works. And so it is, kind of, with Gage Maher. I used to write into this town when I was a teenager. It was my personal Castle Rock, if you will. I knew it incredibly

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The New Book Post: The Real Life Build

Okay, I'm 500 words into The Real Life Build, and having a rockin' good time. The phone is currently sporting the above minion, with the line "Shhhhhh...I'm hiding from stupid people." It's not perfectly Dillon, but it's close enough, and the kid likes minions. For Gage, we need a bar. Since so much of this book takes place in The Dugout, which is a sports bar, my composition mode background in Scrivener is this: And @ILoveYAFiction masterminded the Spotify playlist, which I'm not exactly sure how to share, but might be here: Spotify playlist!

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Five Times Henry Was in Charge (NSFW)

Five times Henry was in charge, and one time he wasn’t. This is a Control the Smutwriter story, selected by the folks on the mailing list. Five times Henry was in charge and one time he wasn’t. 1. The first time they tried a blindfold, Henry spilled an entire glass of water on the bed. He wasn’t the one with the blindfold on. 2. After roughly three months of begging (Henry called it begging; Math called it “persuasive asking”), Henry finally tied Math to the bed. It was easier to stay focused with Math watching him, but on the other

Fairy Tales: Excerpt

It was the body. Well, the ass. And the broad shoulders under that shirt weren’t hurting, either. It was the moves. Mr Shoulders wasn’t gonna be winning any prizes with his dancing, but Henry found his total, all-encompassing confidence magnetic. But in truth, it wasn’t any of those things. “How’s your brother?” Mr Shoulders called to the bartender, drawing Henry’s attention as well. “Not so good, Matt.” (Only it sounded like he called the guy “Math”, but that couldn’t be right.) “Man, I’m sorry to hear that. If you need anything, Bobby, let me know.” That. That right there pulled

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