Unexpected Gifts, Release Date: 4/9

(Cover to come. Seriously. Soon.) Will Derrie is not dating his friend Molly. At all. They're just fighting about Star Trek and screwing a lot. You know. Like you do, with your friends. Right? Thing is, he'd really like it if they were also screwing in a...kinky way. Which he told her. Kind of. Ish. She loves the gay couple with whom he still shares sex and whips, and when they finally try it out, Molly's a domination savant. She says gorgeous, filthy things, in just the right tone. So why can't Will get into it? (And he better try

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Upcoming Release: Hugh’s New Dude!

Release date: March 13, 2014 Word count: 32,000 Price: $2.99 Always eat dinner at the restaurant on Friday. No sex in the library. No cuddling (okay, unless it's with Will). Hugh Reynolds lives by certain rules. Surely the most obvious rule of all is: Don't fall in love. It's not a rule Hugh has trouble keeping. At least, not until he meets Truman Jennings. Truman's funny, and sharp, and cracks jokes about Lord Peter Wimsey. (Mom used to read Dorothy L. Sayers to Hugh when he was a kid, long before he could understand them. There's still an entire section

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