Origin Stories: Home Free

I don't know how spoilery this will get, but consider yourself warned: here there may be spoilers. So people who review Going Home almost always mention D and Teddy. Often by name. And they either love them or hate them. (Whoa, the hate. And I'm not complaining. I'm in awe.) When I considered D and Teddy's arc, I felt a pretty serious responsibility. I don't consider myself an activist writer. Certainly writing is a form of activism, and it's one I sometimes engage in, but I'd definitely sacrifice all higher intentions for a good line or a moment of delicious plot tension. Still. Since

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Origin Stories: Take Three Breaths

Oh, Take Three Breaths. Here there will definitely be spoilers, yo. In some ways this story remains slightly off-kilter in terms of organization. It has three beats, three points of view. It should work just fine, but I find it off when I read it. Not in a way I want to fix. Just in a way I notice. And yet, perhaps more acutely than any other, this story is exactly what I want it to be. For a long time, this was the only book I'd ever written with a dedication. TTB is a love story about depression and the people who

Origin Stories: Hugh’s New Dude

AKA: How do you solve a problem like Mary Watson? I cringe in anticipation of every Mary. Because let's be honest: Holmes/Watson is the OTP; Mary is an interloper. (Sherlock rocks my fucking world. The Sherlock Mary is freaking amazeballs. I'd ship her with any character on that show. Not Lestrade. But any other character. Well, okay, not Mycroft, either, though I'd hella ship her with his assistant, whose name escapes me. Mmm. Yummy.) Where was I? I'll try to wipe the smut from my brow and continue. Truman is my Mary Watson. Let me restate, for the record, that in no universe

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Origin Stories: The Ghost in the Penthouse

I began writing the book that would eventually become The Ghost in the Penthouse in August of 2001. It was my second time in Manhattan, and I was spending the entire semester there, attending Eugene Lang College, which is part of the New School. My experience at Lang was remarkable in that it was the first time I'd ever heard someone who wasn't blood-related to me say nice things about my fiction. (Jaime Manrique will hold a special place in my heart for the rest of my life for saying, somewhat offhandedly, in the middle of a workshop, "She's the first one

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Origin Stories: The Scientific Method

I'm gonna start a series here on the blog of origin stories. This is shit I just fucking love when I encounter it. I want to know how an idea sparked into a story sparked into a book. Fucking love that kind of geeky stuff. I love it for films and songs and plays, too. So. I'm gonna do a bit of that here on the blog. Feel free to disregard, if you find creative types yammering on about themselves and their shit boring! Oh, The Scientific Method. Let's chat. Will and Adam Derrie have been in my head since I was

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