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My kid is a little bit fearless. And I don't mean "fearless" as in "does not experience fear". I mean she doesn't let fear stop her from doing things. I find this totally captivating about her. Also: nerve wracking as fuck, oh my god. Parenthood is a trip. You may have gathered by now that I don't get off on the pervasive whining of parents. Like, basically, you have all the power, you great big adults, with your rights and your bank accounts and all your agency. Kids have exactly as much power as we give them. I want my

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Video Podcast #6: Origin Stories, Or: How I Conceived My Kid

I am not a doctor. As will be very clear to you during the course of this video. No, but seriously, folks, I left this puppy looooooong. I left it long because when I was trying to conceive (TTC in the lingo), I searched and searched and searched for stories about gender non-binary folks doing the same thing, and that shit was thin on the ground. So this is me doing my part for my people! httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6cjzZ-KZz8

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