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Real Quick!

I'm looking at dates! I'm self publishing four things in the next *counts* four months! If you're supporting me at $5+ on Patreon, y'all, that business is gonna hit your inbox a week before it's released in the wild! Two re-releases: Training Mac: 19 September (which means 12 September for $5+ Patreon folks--AKA NEXT WEEK) Teasing Mac: 17 October (which means 10 October for $5+ Patreon folks!) Two new releases: Taking Mac: 14 November (which means 7 November for $5+ Patreon folks!) Let Every New Year Find You: 12 December (which means 5 December for $5+ Patreon folks!) Just in

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Now's the time to hit Patreon and donate at $5 (or up), if you don't already! If you do, you will soon behold allllllllllll the SMU short stories in ebook form! I released The Library I a few years ago, and failed to release follow-up collections, but now's the time! Jeez, I just did math. I think it's like...140k words in all? Damn. In any event, all three volumes of The Library will hit Patreon for the $5+ folks on Tuesday! (And yes, if you're seeing this later, you can still get access to those books by supporting me at

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