Podcast #010: Procrastination Central!

Hello! I should be doing things other than learning how to use Audacity. But I'm not! If this is too quiet, let me know. I amplified it, but I can always amplify it again. It's about nine minutes long, so if you want to hear me yammer on, please do! At one point I say "twenty thousand pages" when I mean "twenty thousand words." You know what I mean. Voila!

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Procrastination City, Population Me

Man, I cannot even describe to you the procrastination right now. Let's talk about what I should be doing. Well. There's the book pages for the three upcoming releases over the summer. And by "upcoming" I definitely mean "the first one comes out next week." (I misread my calendar and thought the first was Friday. It's Sunday. I may end up shooting the release to the following Friday. Or maybe Thursday. But releasing on a Sunday does not feel like a good marketing decision.) Book pages! Require blurbs--three blurbs need to be written--and covers! Dear fucking god. Covers. Actually, if

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Writerly Paralysis

I'm starting a novel. Oh. Well. I'm starting the second draft of a novel, but it's a rewrite-every-word draft, not a revision, really. This story? I wrote the first draft basically with my eyes closed. It was in some ways a very easy book to write: it came to me staring at a blank new document, and from a sparked idea to the last word typed I wrote straight through without detours or distractions. It took about two weeks. In other ways, it was terrifically hard to write, about hard things, and I'm afraid to revisit it because I have