A Quickie

Man, you guys, I'm fucking busy. That's not a complaint. That's something I'm shouting at you from my seat on the roller coaster as I speed past. I love this kind of busy. I love looking back at the last six months and seeing a trail of books behind me. I'm excited as hell to write the ones ahead of me, especially The New Born Year, which is a nifty little novella that takes place at the beach house Hugh and Truman may or may not decide to buy. Right now? Right now I'm wrapping up revisions on the Maizy book (hopefully;

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In Progress

Let's chat. I'm currently working on a fuck-ton of stories. It's invigorating, man. Do you juggle? I juggle. Not particularly well, but it's one of those great, mindless kinetic things you can do when you really ought to be doing other things. I can only juggle with three things, and they don't have to be identical, but then need to be relatively close in weight. I'll go for an hour, dropping, picking up, tossing. And thinking. And right now, I have an awful lot to think about whilst juggling. The Scientific Method and Hugh's New Dude are published! "Hugh Gets

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