Want to help out queer youth? I GOT YOUR LINKS RIGHT HERE.

First, a plug for the Irregulars. Seriously, I go to my Facebook group and ask ANY QUESTION, and the Irregulars are fucking on it. Today's brainstorm: sound off about the organizations you personally support, volunteer with, know about that help queer youth! Join in the conversation here and I'll keep adding links! Project Fierce "Project Fierce Chicago is a grassroots collective of radical social workers, youth advocates and other community members who are working together to establish community-driven, identity-affirming housing in Chicago. Project Fierce’s mission is to reduce LGBTQ youth homelessness in Chicago by providing transitional housing and support services to

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Loves: Broadway Idiot

Let me tell you a story. This story, and a handful of others, influenced my decision to publish fiction, and form the backbone of how I feel about people creating in public. Also, something-something, you never know who's listening when you speak, and I mean listening here as reading, hearing about second hand, stumbling upon on social media. Where to fucking start? I'm obsessive. I become obsessed. I love obsession. I love the feeling of wanting to live inside someone--a writer, a musician, a film maker or television series or website. I will play an album over and over again

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