Let’s Talk About…Bisexuality

I occasionally get myself into a cyclical conversation with open minded bisexual folks. I'm all for the folks who identify as bi meaning "I am attracted to all the people across the gender spectrum". That's cool. That's fantastic. But I'm a little bit sick of being treated like I'm irrational for not assuming that a hundred percent of bisexuals mean this, and further, for calling out people who act a little entitled about it. It has been my experience that a great many people who identify as bisexual mean that in a binary way. See what I did there? They

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I talk about food from time to time here. I talk about running a little (when I manage it for a bit; between the kiddo and the hills, it's a challenge). I talk about writing and publishing and selling books. And what all those things come down to are goals, even though I don't set goals that consciously. I meet most of my goals, whether I make them into statements or not. But there are a few stories I tell myself that obstruct other goals, and since I've had no fucking luck so far with them, I figured I'd do

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The Red and Bad Book Club!

  El árbol de las ideas by Andrés Nieto Porras on Flickr Holy moly, I just had an idea. I'm three episodes into writing Red and Bad season two, and I had this thought. This idea. This...thing, in my head, with which I'm now obsessed.* (*Psychological reasons why I'm obsessed follow at the bottom of the post.) The idea. I love the idea of the serial. I was really annoyed reading The Green Mile years ago, but it had power over me. It made me want more, it made me want it now, and those of you who

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Series books, series universe, what now?

Here's a thing I've been contemplating. (You can tell I'm in between huge projects because I'm hanging out on the blog all the time. Join me, mates, come on now!) So. The Scientific Method. Right. In my head, the specific arc of this series is Will and Hugh and Truman. Like, seriously, I'm not even sure The New Born Year really falls into what I think of as the Scientific Method series. However. How-fuckin'-ever. It's clearly in that universe. The Nick and Bernie book also doesn't fall within the Scientific Method series, but does fall inside the universe. On the other hand, Extremes, an ass-kicker

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