In Which I Link to People Who’re Smarter than I am and Ramble Anyway.

So this thing happened. This article. In the New Yorker. And I'd link to it, but I'm not going to. Instead, please allow me to link you to the criticism of it. Here, at Bitch. Here, at The Advocate. And here, at Autostraddle. Man. I'm trying to be more irate, but really--I can't even muster it. Let me break it down. The New Yorker just ran a piece about radical feminists refusing to recognize trans women as women. So I knew going into it I was gonna be some kind of annoyed. Also, I got the link from a friend,

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Let’s Talk About: Happily Ever After

When I used to read romance in fanfiction, HEA endings were automatically subversive. With the exception of Jack/Ianto in Torchwood, I never read canon couples. (And, not to spoil anyone who hasn't finished out Torchwood, but the lads most certainly did not get a HEA.) In original romance, HEA makes me uncomfortable. HEA in many ways runs opposed to the things I want to actually promote via art, via life, via every single time I express myself: be here, now. Don't live in the future. Don't try to know how something will work out before you commit to it. You can't

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