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I'll talk a little more about how my pre-writing process has changed in the last year in this week's Ramble (I recorded one last week, but that shit went on for twelve minutes so I didn't post it...), but right now I need recommendations for websites, books, and perhaps especially movies. The topics? Well, well, well. Let me first amuse myself with a metaphor. I have writing projects scheduled from now until summer, 2016. God, isn't that fabulous? Let's work on sucking people into The Scientific Method, people, because maybe five of those books are SMU stories. Having said that, for the

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Oh, research. I love you.

So I try to always have three projects running at once: one is being written, one is being revised, and one is in pre-write. Pre-write is sometimes code for obesessively thinking about the story, but there's usually an element of research involved. And oh, right now? Right now I'm loving the shit out of my research. (Full disclosure: I'm a fuckin' nerd. I pretty much always fall in love with research.) I have this idea for another serial. And right now, in the glorious early stages of it, I don't even have to know my characters that well (though I'm

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