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Rest in Peace.

I googled an old friend of mine tonight. We met at a camp for kids with HIV when I was sixteen. He was thirty-two, but wildly immature; we had a lot of fun. We discovered we lived on the same street, in Schellville, which was a decent stretch from the lake in Santa Rosa where camp was held, so we started car pooling. After the end of camp we just kind of kept hanging out. He considered himself my dashing gay uncle, buying me Curve, taking me to see Sandra Bernhardt and sneaking me into a boring-ass fern bar after. For

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Rest in Peace, Monty Oum

So this guy died. You know how you feel close to someone who creates just based on how well you know--and how much you love--their creations? Thus was the case with Monty Oum. He was the creator of awesome American anime RWBY, and part of the Rooster Teeth studio of creative stuff, and gaming, and community love. I've seen every episode of RWBY like a thousand times. It's the reason the fourteen year old in my household graced us with her presence at least once a week all summer. (She paid for a subscription, and therefore was able to view

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