The Girl is Mine (Ripper Reinterprets)

I love Michael Jackson. I should say: I love his music. I find the man himself problematic. (I watched the Oprah special, y'all; if he only did what his lawyers let him admit to on Oprah, I still wouldn't leave my children with him overnight.) But damn. I grew up in the eighties. And somewhere in some mouldering bin we still have my dad's old Jackson 5 albums. When I was an infant I'd scream in the car if the Thriller album wasn't on. I still fucking love those songs. And this is my favorite. Unless you're counting the cinematic extended version

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Ripper Reinterprets!

I can't resist. I haven't listened to new music in a million years, and I've been rocking Pandora a lot lately. This song? The young woman in the song, reported as "holding back" and being the dude-singer's "destiny", is really making dreamy eyes at the hot pixie bartender. She's dancing with the dude because he's pushy as fuck, but when she says, "Shut up and dance with me" what she really means is "Let's just get this over with so you'll leave me the fuck alone, asshole." She goes home with the bartender. Neither of them are under the

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