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Origin Stories: Roller Coasters

Oh, Davey. Dear Davey, Dude, I am so sorry. I will make it up to you, I swear. Love, Kris. I'm an escapist writer. Always have been. My nonfiction is generally loved and adored by people who know me, almost none of whom have ever read a word of my fiction (and it's not all porn, people; my loved ones don't read the tame stuff, either). I can't stand writing nonfiction. I write fiction to find the rushing river at the heart of all stories, and nonfiction doesn't let me get there. I don't like writing characters who resemble me

Roller Coasters: Excerpt

There was this guy. It was never a guy. Once in three months, maybe, Will’s eye would catch on a man and he’d look twice. Despite the fact that he’d now had a long-running non-exclusive relationship with two men for almost five years (granted, only when he was in Oakland, which wasn’t that often), he still mostly looked at girls. But this guy? Was wearing a blouse. At least, Will was pretty sure it was a blouse. And a guy. “I know, right?” Beccs sucked down half her bottle of water. “If stupid-head doesn’t show up soon, I’m going home

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Coming Up For Air

So essentially, the story I'm currently writing--Roller Coasters--is taking over my life. And I'm still worried that I'm doing it wrong, that my genderqueer kid is just gonna read all over the place, and that he's not perfect enough, or too perfect, or humorless, or hiding behind humor. The bitch of it is he's all those things, cause he's twenty-five, and he's figuring himself out, and therefore he's all kinds of insecure, all kinds of awkward. I want him to be likeable. I also want him to be real. Which means he can't be too likeable. Except, how many people

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