SMU: Chronological Order!

Back by popular demand... Okay, okay, no one demanded it. But some folks in the Irregulars on Facebook were talking about reading order this morning, so I couldn't resist posting this again. This is all the novels, novellas, and shorts in series order. Most of the shorts for the foreseeable future will be on Patreon behind a patron wall, so I'll make note of those so folks who aren't over there don't click and get bummed out. Some of you will, of course, recognize this from days of yore... All the Everything in Strict Chronological Order: Behold, a list of

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What Will Derrie Did When He Heard About US Marriage Equality (SFW)

This was apparently lost in the great web host fiasco of 2015. Here it is again! “What Will Derrie Did…” takes place on 26 June 2015. Because I had too many feelings and needed Will and Hugh and Tru to express them for me. SFW. It didn’t matter that it was a Friday morning, that Hugh and Truman both had to work. It didn’t matter that driving all the way to Oakland for a kiss (or, specifically, two) was a stupid idea and a waste of gas. Molly blinked tear-filled eyes across the kitchen at Will and said, “What’re you

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Ring in the True: Excerpt

Evan was surveying his utterly trashed work area when the unwelcome sound of his boss’s voice filtered in from outside. Laughter. Jason was laughing. That was probably good. Except it meant that Evan’s personal failure to get the remodel done by Christmas would soon be shared with more than just Jason. And Jason, really, would have been more than enough. The beach house’s front door opened. “Oi! Derwent!” Oh, god. Evan turned. “Hey, boss.” “The hell do you call all this?” “Sorry, I meant to get it done, and I thought maybe if I worked all through yesterday, but then

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Did I…fail to mention new covers?

So like...I may have failed to draw your attention to the new SMU covers that occurred a month or so ago. AND THEY ARE AMAZEBALLS. Just in case you've missed any of them, I'm gonna load all five re-covers right here so you can oooooooh and ahhhhhh with me.

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Bumped (SFW)

For Lalexander. Arriving home with Will along was a rare, and somewhat giddy pleasure. Truman found himself grinning as he listened to Will delightedly describe the special he planned to order at the restaurant. “Capers! God, I love capers so much, I swear. Is that weird? They’re just, like—“” Will leaned his head back as Truman activated the garage door to close behind them. He sighed dramatically. “Capers. So fucking good.” “I like capers,” Truman said, making his voice as neutral as possible. “You like capers? You LIKE them? What the hell? You can’t just like capers. You don’t understand

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Wait for It (SFW)

I can't hear "Wait for It" without catching on a certain line. It occurred to me that Hugh would catch on that line, too. Lyrics not used by permission, but used with my utmost admiration and respect, with no desire to profit from them. This is a bit of fan love right here. Hugh sat in his car and listened to the song again. He’d thought it was a joke gift; he wasn’t into musical theater, and Nick and Bernie knew that perfectly well. It didn’t matter how many people thought Hamilton was incredible—that wasn’t much of an endorsement. People

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Desserts (SFW)

When I miss my deadline for the horror anthology, you can all blame Wendy. Because this. I haven't edited. I haven't even read it. I definitely shouldn't have written it. Video can be found here: Nick opened the email. A link to YouTube. With Minute 4:00. Trust me. —Ads at the bottom. “What the hell?” Cautiously, after muting the volume, he clicked. “Seriously, Ads, what the hell?” He pulled out his phone and texted, Wth? Did you watch? I thought it was gonna be porn. Which at least made sense. Why am I watching two guys make dessert right now?

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SMU Support Group!

How have I never posted this? Can anyone relate? Featured image is "URBAN ART "LOVE LANE" BY ANNA DORAN" by William Murphy on Flickr, used under Creative Commons license 2.0 [<a href="//" target="_blank">View the story "SMU Support Group, by @justloveromance and @BarbFunes" on Storify</a>]

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Random Encounters Over Espresso (SFW)

This story is a crossover between Neil and Clem of New Halliday, and Hugh Reynolds of SMU. It’s a Control the Smutwriter story, picked by El over for Promptapalooza, 2016. If you’d like to play our reindeer game, go ahead and join the list. El wanted to see Hugh doing his thing, but this went in a slightly different direction. (And also sets up another prompt, which isn’t yet written…) Clem and Brent were arguing, as usual. Even the enjoyment Neil found in trading looks with Si was beginning to wear off. “Seriously, they’ve been like this forever?” Si shrugged. “As

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Sweet Dreams Are Made of This… (NSFW)

This story takes place during the course of Threshold of the Year and is a Control the Smutwriter story, picked by El over at for Promptapalooza, 2016. If you’d like to play our reindeer game, go ahead and join the list. El wanted to see Lucy and Beccs together. You know. Together. Ahem. For the record, this is not my fault. You can send all of your hate mail to El, who might be more of a sadist than I am. (Okay, obviously not, but this was so her idea. I just happened to find it irresistibly delightful…) Enjoy! Beccs knew—had always