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Permission (SFW)

This story takes place during the course of Threshold of the Year and is a Control the Smutwriter story, picked by V for Promptapalooza, 2016. If you’d like to play our reindeer game, go ahead and join the list. V wanted to see Nick and Bernie negotiate people. Or possibly Jase. Enjoy! Bernie was waiting, expectantly, in their room. He gave Nick a look as he dried his hair. “What?” “So. Jase.” Nick’s eyes narrowed. “Jase, yeah. All hard muscles and undisclosed need. Good guy, though.” “Is that all?” “Is what all?” There was no point in talking, so Bernie didn’t

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Gorgeous SMU Fan Art

Bullet Journaling has taken Hassell and Hall by storm. Some folks (me) use one pen, draw no pictures, and generally make ugly journals. But some people, like @Lennan, make fucking beautiful art. And oh god, look, this is art about my books. I am bowled over and humbled and in awe. So amazing.

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NEW COVER REVEAL: Unexpected Gifts!

Man, you guys, I love AngstyG so much. That broad can design a feckin' cover. You should totally not hire her for all the things, because SHE'S MINE, ALL MINE. Humph. Fine. Probably you should hire her for all the things. Because she's amazing. Behold the awesome: That's it. This whole post is just so I can pet the pretty cover. *pets*

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Traditions (SFW)

The lovely Nadine has been requesting this one for at least six months. Hugh doesn’t do Christmas. Or maybe he does. Excellent featured image is “Charlie Brown Christmas” by frankieleon on Flickr, used under Creative Commons License 2.0. The tree was small. Truman hadn’t asked, of course. He wouldn’t ask. All Hugh had said was, “I haven’t really celebrated Christmas since my mother died.” It wasn’t meant to be…censure. It wasn’t meant to be a signal he never intended to celebrate Christmas again. So he’d found himself wandering through the trees in the parking lot at Rite Aid, thinking about

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Excerpt: Threshold of the Year!

Jase stepped off the plane and inhaled airport. Okay. So in all of his thoughts about how this would go, Terry was with him. Didn’t matter. Terry was gone. Terry had been gone for three weeks. Now Jase had to figure out how to break the whole thing to Truman without getting a lecture. Who was he kidding? He’d  be lucky if he only got one lecture. He strolled to checked bags and picked up his second bag, which could have counted as carry-on, but why would he bother carrying it if the airline would do it for him? While

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The New Born Year: Excerpt

Alison Jennings hit the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge going seventy-five and banging on her steering wheel. Seven thirty in the morning, the day after Christmas, and she was supposed to be getting ready to go to Astro’s mother’s house for their traditional Christmas breakfast. (Because everyone had different obligations on Christmas day, she’d told Ally at Thanksgiving, so it was just easier if she had it the next day. She’d grinned and added, “Plus, then you can just put your leftovers on fresh plates.”) But Astro had this funny look on his face when she’d come back from her shower. Which

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Happy Birthday, Mr Jennings (NSFW)

Happy birthday, AJ Cousins! It’s Truman’s 40th (in November 2015, technically). Hugh decides, finally, to upgrade his phone–at the urging of his husband and boyfriend. When I tossed this idea out there months ago and asked you lot what apps everyone would suggest for him, this is what y’all came up with. Enjoy! The first text message Hugh received on his new phone wasn’t a message at all. It was a picture. Of Will. Specifically, of Will’s cock, somewhat in shadow, camera pointed down, framed by his shorts pulled out from his body, one hand brightly gleaming under the stark

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Catalysts Blog Tour of Goodness!

I am embarking on a blog tour for the Catalysts release! WHOOO HOO! I've never gone on a blog tour before. My bags are all packed, my power cords are neatly wrapped, and I'm departing in a few days. Let me tell you where I'll be so you can stop in and say hello! (Links will go live when the posts go up.) You should check out all these places for a Catalysts giveaway! (And if you've already got Catalysts and you win, you can request a different book from my catalogue!) On Monday, 12th October, I'll be stopping by Mama's Dirty Little Reads to pass

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Catalysts, An Excerpt

There once was a book called The Scientific Method. Then there was a second book, which was called Hugh's New Dude. Now there is a single book, which tells the story of three men, and how they came to form their unique take on a committed relationship. This is Catalysts. I made a rambling video where I talk about deciding to take this project on and why I feel it sets up the series better than either TSM or HND alone ever could. (I have no idea if it's coherent; I don't watch my videos so as to maintain the precious illusion that

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