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Deep Emotions (NSFW)

Once upon a time, I wrote this story, and posted it. I believe it was another one of Judith’s prompts, though that’s more or less lost to time. Then the database died during a server migration and I had to change webhosts and the old “full backup” wouldn’t transfer to the new host, and this post disappeared…until Maria was like, “Did I dream this?” She did not dream it. It exists! Judith wanted, I think, pre-Truman, Will mad at Hugh. Here we are. It falls right around the beginning of chapter twenty-seven of Catalysts. Will sat on the train, trying

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Bedtime Stories (NSFW)

One night, on Facebook, someone demanded a bedtime story. I wrote this on my phone while the kid played Minecraft next to me on the back deck. In which the author shamelessly hints at shit ze has no intention of writing soon, if ever. (This would be a good time to say I’m pro-fanfiction: go to it, y’all!) When Hugh was a child, his mother told him bedtime stories. It took him years to realize she was retelling him Star Wars in small vignettes. “Once they were in a bar and a challenge was made. But you know how badly

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Let’s Get Hugh Drunk (NSFW)

Somewhere in “Absence and Presence” the lads mention how they should get Hugh drunk. Nadine, in the comments (now lost to the website disaster) teased that she’d really like to see that, and by the way, her birthday was coming up…hint, hint. I can’t resist a prompt, you guys. It’s a sickness. For Nadine, on her birthday. It was supposed to be easier than this. Truman studied the low line in the second bottle—red this time, though after two glasses of white zinfandel Will’s tastebuds were willing to drink anything, evidently—and then studied his husband. Hugh wasn’t drunk. Or if

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Absence and Presence (NSFW)

Once upon a time, my friend Judith was going on a trip. “Write me something I can read on the plane,” she said. “What if Hugh was going away for some reason and Truman and Will couldn’t go with him?” Two months later, I finished this. First person, in three parts, from Truman’s, Will’s, and Hugh’s POV, taking place something like a year after Extremes. And it’s about twenty thousand words long, so I’ve also helpfully included it in file formats you can read on your devices, though there’s no cover or fancy stuff. Just words. (I…have not looked at

Rules (SFW)

Ask and ye shall receive, my lovely red hots! This was already written (this was written in my head before the season was even done, another bunny inspired by a random Wendy email), but I have particular affection for it. This takes place after episode four of Red and Bad, Serial Two, and about a year and a half after Surrender the Past. What happens when Will and Red show up on Nick and Bernie’s doorstep, to pick up Nick for Bottom’s Brunch? Nick answered the door and froze. “Hey, Nick. This is Red. Red, Nick.” “Shit. Hey, Will.” Nick didn’t

The Housewarming Party (SFW)

I leave a lot of open loops in the Scientific Method Universe books. More than really makes sense, but I’ve been writing these characters for so many years (and there are so very many stories I have yet to tell), I indulge myself. One of the open loops after The Boyfriends Tie the Knot was about Jeremy and Will. I played with it a little in “Brotherly Love”, but it still didn’t satisfy me. It wasn’t enough to be a book, it was too much to just be a scene. And so we have this bit, from Jer’s perspective: “The Housewarming Party”.

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Extremes: Excerpt

Hugh sat across from his doctor and did math in his head. He sat on the chair reserved for guests (he hated sitting on the exam table) and did math in his head. She was looking at him, waiting for him to reply, but it hardly mattered. Mom was diagnosed when he was twenty. Grandfather when he was sixteen. Grandmother the first time when he was fourteen, but the cancer came back when Grandfather’s got bad. He’d been waiting for this moment for a long time. Somewhere between seventeen and twenty-three years, if his math was correct. “The chances are

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Poke, Poke, Poke (SFW-ish)

I’m inspired by Nora Sakavic’s example to mine through some old fiction for missing scenes. Don’t you love missing scenes? I’ve been consumed by the Foxhole Court books, a series called All For the Game, and because it’s my way, I then read the author’s entire website. (My habit of doing this is one of the things that motivates me to write a lot here on the site; the more I write, the less likely it is that random travelers will stumble upon something old and horrifying.) Nora’s site, Courting Madness, is a gold mine for the hungry obsessive reader;

An Impromptu Lesson (NSFW)

In case you didn’t catch all this when it posted back in January–or in case you missed the last bit when it went out with The Library, volume one–here it is again. And a special welcome to anyone stumbling over here from Red Comes Second…I can almost guarantee you’ll enjoy “August” more for having read about how Red and Bad met Hugh and Truman. An Impromptu Lesson is a crossover; it takes place after The New Born Year and between Bad Comes First and Red Comes Second. NSFW. The mop flogger didn’t feel right. Red didn’t know what the hell was

Crowdsourced Fiction

For Truman's 40th birthday, Hugh finally caves in and buys a smartphone. Everyone chips in to show him what he can do with it. All right, y'all. I was lying in bed last night trying to think (and writing fiction in my head, which is what I do when I'm trying to sleep--and most of the rest of the time, too), and it occurred to me that this could be a fun group project. Truman's birthday is in November. That's when I plan to have this story out. Might be free, might be for money, don't know, don't care. Should