The Administration of the Authorpreneur

Whew, guys? I'm freakin' overwhelmed. I'm not great at the whole "taking care of myself" thing. Part of that comes from being socialized female, which twists the "taking care of oneself" bit until it seems like it can only come on the heels of "taking care of everyone else (even when they haven't asked for your help and don't want it)". Partly because I've got this bone-deep sensation that I should have been left on the side of the road as an infant and not cursed the world with my presence. (Oh, sure, I know that's not actually true. Mostly.

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Happy Indieversary to Me!

Party This Way by Garry Knight, on Flickr I have been self-publishing for a year! [Insert whatever that sound is that people play for parties.] Man. What a fucking trip. I have published seven novels (plus one more this week), seven novellas, and one twelve part serial. And a lot of stories and scenes and fun stuff here on the blog. In fact, I've published 150 posts here on the blog, which is, indeed, more writing out in the world. I'm gonna yammer on a bit. I know. You're shocked. Before. I always knew I was going to

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Okay, continuing with the–ahem–experimentation…

I'm gonna start selling some books here on the site. This may be a short-lived experiment, but let's chat for a minute about book buying. I buy a lot of books from Amazon. I like the Kindle app better than the Nook app, I don't have an iPhone, and I guess I've always just assumed Kobo didn't have an app (though now that I'm writing it, that seems silly). I should look into the Kobo app idea. I could stand to support Kobo. I don't sell in double digits over there, but they're real supportive of self-publishers. Like, they occasionally say

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Oh, goals. You’re so cute.

When I started publishing, I thought I wanted to write full time. That was my only goal. I wanted to write fiction full time and quite the day job. That, my friends, was a child's goal. It was, and still is, a good goal, but it was overly simplistic, and assumed a world of do this or don't do this. When in reality, as we know, though I keep having to remind myself, each decision is made up of a million tiny decisions, a million incremental shifts one way or the other. That's the whole "slippery slope" thing, right? "It's a slippery slope!

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Publishing Update: September, 2014

So, I'm listening to David Gaughran on the Rocking Self Publishing Podcast, and I'm feeling moved to do a little update dance here on the site for my self-pub brethren. I'm gonna do a list, cause that's how I find this info most frequently. Also, for the sake of simplicity, I'm calling The Scientific Method one book, even though it began life as six episodes and a box set. 2014: February Books out: 1 Vendors: 2 (Amazon and Smashwords) Sales: 21 March Books out: 2 Vendors: 3 (Amazon, Smashwords, ARE) Sales: 101 April Books out: 3 Vendors: 3 (Amazon, Smashwords, ARE) Sales:

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Do everything wrong.

I'm one of the few people I know who loved both the movie and the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I didn't love it with the mindless devotion of a syncophant--both had their problems, and there are whole seasons of the TV show I barely skim through during marathons--but there was a lot of good stuff in there, sometimes buried deep in the throes of Joss Whedon working out his craft. One of the moments from the film that sticks in my mind is the obligatory death of the mentor scene. As Donald Sutherland dies, he imparts one last bit

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And now back to our irregularly scheduled program…

Hello! Let's chat. And when I say "let's chat," what I really mean is: "let me tell you about a chat I had with myself." Only before we dive into that, let me say this: I just bought a keyboard (a, uh, Microsoft something-something ergonomic 4000), and I think it's saving my ass right now. My wrists have been burning a bit lately. I don't usually get a burn, I usually get a deep ache, but this has been burning, and it's felt pretty gnarly. I resisted buying a  decent keyboard for about five minutes, until I realized that every

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Break Your Nature.

Podcasts. I love podcasts. I'm listening to Aisha Tyler, episode 142, with Sara Gilbert. Let me pause here for a moment to say this: I love Sara Gilbert. For good reasons--like, I love her acting, and she's charming as hell on "The Talk"--and also for very dumb bone-deep reasons, like Darlene Conner was totally my first crush and finding out that your first crush (or the actor who played her) is queer is just stupidly validating. I'm not saying that's right, I'm saying it happens to be true. For me. Anyway. I like Aisha Tyler's Girl on Guy podcast because she's

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Whoa, Google Play

I don't even know why I'm uploading books to Google Play right now instead of writing. I'm off the backs of two hard revisions, Breaking Down came out yesterday, and I've just sold eleven books at Amazon today (not Amazon US, Amazon everywhere), so I'm restless. Selling books makes me restless. I'll go days without selling more than one, maybe two. But selling eleven at one vendor in one day? Record-breaking. Makes me all jumpy and shit. So instead of writing the wedding fic or revising Roller Coasters, I'm fucking about on Google Play. This? So not on any of

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