Rules (SFW)

Ask and ye shall receive, my lovely red hots! This was already written (this was written in my head before the season was even done, another bunny inspired by a random Wendy email), but I have particular affection for it. This takes place after episode four of Red and Bad, Serial Two, and about a year and a half after Surrender the Past. What happens when Will and Red show up on Nick and Bernie’s doorstep, to pick up Nick for Bottom’s Brunch? Nick answered the door and froze. “Hey, Nick. This is Red. Red, Nick.” “Shit. Hey, Will.” Nick didn’t

Poke, Poke, Poke (SFW-ish)

I’m inspired by Nora Sakavic’s example to mine through some old fiction for missing scenes. Don’t you love missing scenes? I’ve been consumed by the Foxhole Court books, a series called All For the Game, and because it’s my way, I then read the author’s entire website. (My habit of doing this is one of the things that motivates me to write a lot here on the site; the more I write, the less likely it is that random travelers will stumble upon something old and horrifying.) Nora’s site, Courting Madness, is a gold mine for the hungry obsessive reader;

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Caging Nick (NSFW)

This Control the Smutwriter missing scene takes place between The Boyfriends Tie the Knot and The New Born Year. The first cage pinched. Bernie didn’t know it until 24 hours had passed, and the second he realized what he was looking at—the dry, angry red marks, the swelling—he almost lost his temper. “I’m sorry,” Nick whispered. So, at least he knew he’d done wrong. At least he understood his transgression in not mentioning that the damn thing didn’t fit. Bernie closed his eyes and breathed, fingers still soothing over Nick’s skin, still trying to soothe away the terrible wrongness. “We will try a

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Nick Gains Insight (SFW)

This scene takes place after Surrender the Past and during the course of The Boyfriends Tie the Knot, and is referenced in both. It could be considered spoilery for Surrender the Past. READ image by brewbooks on Flickr. From Surrender the Past: “I shouldn’t,” Truman said. “Question for you, Nick. Confidentially, if you wouldn’t mind.” Nick turned. “I usually keep confidentiality at my discretion. What’s up?” “Would you take me on as a client? Between now and the wedding, I mean.” “You don’t want him to know?” “I expect to fail.” Nick took Truman in through the back door and immediately pulled him into

Origin Stories: Surrender the Past

[olympus_box color="blue" float="center" text_align="left" width=""] SPOILER ALERT for Surrender the Past! (Which you can buy early here!) [/olympus_box] Let's talk about Nick. The first scene I ever wrote with Nick Coates still exists, in only slightly-altered form, in The Scientific Method. Hugh, desperately avoiding any actual feelings he might have for Will, flees to the arms of a fuck buddy, who also happens to be a real buddy. Nick calls him out, just like Lucy does, and the three of them are the nucleus of the family that predates all of these stories. In many ways, Hugh, Nick, and Lucy are

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Buy Surrender the Past Right Here, Right NOW!

The release date is actually Wednesday, but I'm a fucking madman right now. I just tested the whole payments thing--like, to make sure you could use a credit card OR a Paypal account, and to ensure they sent you back to this site after, and actually give you the books--and it works. It works. I just bought my own book. From my website. That's so funny. The book's live here on the site and should be going live on the Amazon.everywhere sites over the next few hours. I'll upload everywhere else in the morning, so if you're buying from Kobo, iBooks,

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Surrender the Past: Excerpt

Tuesday morning. An ordinary Tuesday morning. The only thing different about today was the new yoga program starting, which was why Nick and Jo were clearing a space in what usually served as a storage room for a private class. (TransFabulous Yoga; not Nick’s idea, but Jo was so excited about it that he couldn’t exactly say no.) “I hope he does the candle thing, Nick. Did I tell you about the candle thing?” Only seven thousand times since it happened three weeks ago. “Tell me again,” he said. “So you get this candle, right? Everyone gets a candle. And

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STP: First Four Chapters!

Have a taste... Photo by Anton Croos Yeah, my sadism takes many forms, just like Hugh's. Behold, m'ducks, the first four teasing-ass chapters. (Amazon US folks can preorder here. [Side note: I'm researching global Amazon links, my friends. Soon. Soon.] All the rest of the buy links will be up in exactly one week when the book goes live, and the Smashwords coupon will go out to the mailing list.) I know. I know. I'm a horrible human and I would feel bad about it, really, kind of turns me on to be literarily cruel... Chapters one and two

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Do you like a little tease?

The actual real caption, which is wonderful: "an emptiness inside, where that nut should be" by Kai Schreiber, on Flickr Stay tuned tomorrow, yo. Posting chapters three and four of Surrender the Past, mostly just to be a jerk. (What, you haven't read the first two chapters yet? They're up on the book page!)

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