Quick Preorder Note!

Surrender the Past is up for Preorder at Amazon! How did Nick and Bernie get together, you ask? A little bit like this... STP at Amazon US STP at Amazon UK The book comes out on February 11, yo, which feels like really far away but when I take a glance at ye olde editorial calendar, it appears that's just around the corner! The excerpt is up on the book page, so check it out.

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Podcast #12: Production Schedule Goofiness!

I am, evidently, in a giggly mood. Fuck me. No spoilers, I don't think, but this is basically eight minutes of me being a goddamn goofball and mentioning my video-recording lack of professionalism. You've been warned! [ETA: The hair. My nicknames in grammar school? "Furball" and "Afro". Yep.] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0ilhHqUKx8&feature=youtu.be

The Nick and Bernie Cover…

...To be revealed sometime next week? Guys? This cover is kicking my ass. For one, there are limited black-men-in-their-thirties stock photos. Not, like, extremely limited, but they aren't the easiest thing to track. The one I like best (the guy I used as a model for Bern when I was writing) doesn't have a damn thing I can use for this cover. I dig the pic I ended up with, because the pose is kind of perfect, and also, he has a hat. (Bernie doesn't wear a hat as a general rule, but he appreciates hats. All of my favorite "Bernies" had

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Series books, series universe, what now?

Here's a thing I've been contemplating. (You can tell I'm in between huge projects because I'm hanging out on the blog all the time. Join me, mates, come on now!) So. The Scientific Method. Right. In my head, the specific arc of this series is Will and Hugh and Truman. Like, seriously, I'm not even sure The New Born Year really falls into what I think of as the Scientific Method series. However. How-fuckin'-ever. It's clearly in that universe. The Nick and Bernie book also doesn't fall within the Scientific Method series, but does fall inside the universe. On the other hand, Extremes, an ass-kicker

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And, the Holidays

For those of you blog-surfing during Xmas week, I thought I'd pop in and say hello. Hello! We're having an extremely low-key Christmas around here. My bro, who generally works all holidays that fall during his work week (and most of the ones that don't), is randomly off on Christmas day. This would have been perhaps more helpful when my niece was younger (at fourteen, she's not exactly waiting up for Santa), but it will be nice to not rush in the morning, or wait until the afternoon. In other notes, I've just posted the beginning of my 2015 production

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I love my job.

Because I get to write things like this, Nick talking to Leo about Eddie: “You need to be able to hold a space in the world for him to kneel at your feet, even when all you’re doing is drinking your coffee, and that’s what Lucy can do. But he needs you to hold a space where he is also safe while you’re fucking his face ruthlessly, and telling him he’s just a hole to be used. Do you see now why you couldn’t be what he needed before?” “I didn’t know all that,” Leo said, struggling, forehead lined with

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