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The podcast catch-up post…

Er, apparently I've been lax posting these over here, so we'll do it all at once. Quickie Naptime Update (Ripper's Rambles, #45) Take the Leap is out! (Ripper's Rambles, #46) Queers of La Vista is DONE! (Ripper's Rambles, #47) Twenty-One Years. (Ripper's Rambles #48) When the kid's in school and I'm not at the library, I'll get back to weekly posting, but for the next few months it'll be hit or miss. I know it's a great tragedy because when I ramble I'm, y'know, full of depth and insight, BUT I'm sure we'll all survive.

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Take the Leap: Excerpt

Neil sat in his car on the bypass and contemplated jumping. Again. He’d only allowed himself to come up here a few times over the last nine years, always in daylight. It was actually quite beautiful. New Halliday spread to either side of the highway, little hamlets here and there, a few larger buildings scattered throughout. The bypass had been built arching high over a little warren of twisting dirt roads and houses not necessarily hooked up to the grid right where the hills began to melt into the flats, and Neil was startled to realize he’d never really noticed

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