Origin Stories: Take Three Breaths

Oh, Take Three Breaths. Here there will definitely be spoilers, yo. In some ways this story remains slightly off-kilter in terms of organization. It has three beats, three points of view. It should work just fine, but I find it off when I read it. Not in a way I want to fix. Just in a way I notice. And yet, perhaps more acutely than any other, this story is exactly what I want it to be. For a long time, this was the only book I'd ever written with a dedication. TTB is a love story about depression and the people who

Take Three Breaths: Excerpt

Truman was starting to feel good. Secure. Two and a half years of dating Hugh Reynolds, and Truman thought he had it pretty locked down. Lulled into the placid predictability of morning coffee, a brief commute, a day of client sessions, and a shared evening, often—though not always—peppered with incredible sex (unless Will was visiting, in which case it was always), Truman had somewhat allowed it to slip his mind that nothing could stay so calm forever. He’d also forgotten that there remained places he could not go. In his lover, his partner. Places he wasn’t welcome. He’d nearly moved

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Release Day: Take Three Breaths

Hugh likes having a serious, committed relationship–maybe more than he ever imagined he would. But when a former student kills himself, Hugh shuts down, leaving Truman and Will to pull his ass out of the dark. (32,500 words, or about 130 pages.) This story is the fourth in the Scientific Method universe, and takes place after Unexpected Gifts. Contains mentions of suicide and death, over-bearing friends-who-are-family, and a clumsy attempt at romance. Amazon US – Amazon UK – Smashwords – AllRomanceEbooks Release date: 5/1 Words: 32,500 Read an excerpt.

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GIMP Tutorial Link (#2); Also: Take Three Breaths, Coming Soon

Oh man. Neglect. Do you feel neglected? Don't answer that. See, this story ran away. Far, far away. Though when I look at the first draft, which was 50,000 words, I'm not sure why I thought the second draft would be 30k, though sometimes that's the kind of trimming you do when you're a yammer-on kind of writer. Instead, this puppy decided it knew exactly what it wanted to be, and led me straight on through. So what the hell. I went. Because when a story knows exactly what the fuck it wants, you're a damn fool not to hand

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