STP: First Four Chapters!

Have a taste... Photo by Anton Croos Yeah, my sadism takes many forms, just like Hugh's. Behold, m'ducks, the first four teasing-ass chapters. (Amazon US folks can preorder here. [Side note: I'm researching global Amazon links, my friends. Soon. Soon.] All the rest of the buy links will be up in exactly one week when the book goes live, and the Smashwords coupon will go out to the mailing list.) I know. I know. I'm a horrible human and I would feel bad about it, really, kind of turns me on to be literarily cruel... Chapters one and two

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Do you like a little tease?

The actual real caption, which is wonderful: "an emptiness inside, where that nut should be" by Kai Schreiber, on Flickr Stay tuned tomorrow, yo. Posting chapters three and four of Surrender the Past, mostly just to be a jerk. (What, you haven't read the first two chapters yet? They're up on the book page!)

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