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Origin Stories: The Boyfriends Tie the Knot

Spoiler alert: the boyfriends get married in this book. Okay, so there were a few times I tried to weave together two stories in one book, and failed massively. But in TBTTK I got it right. (At least, I think I got it right.) This is the story of Hugh and Truman getting married, and their best man's presence standing up with them at their wedding is far from traditional. It's always the story of how Hugh and Truman's best man started over with the woman he never really stopped thinking about. I wanted this book to be...hot. Okay, you got me,

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Nick Gains Insight (SFW)

This scene takes place after Surrender the Past and during the course of The Boyfriends Tie the Knot, and is referenced in both. It could be considered spoilery for Surrender the Past. READ image by brewbooks on Flickr. From Surrender the Past: “I shouldn’t,” Truman said. “Question for you, Nick. Confidentially, if you wouldn’t mind.” Nick turned. “I usually keep confidentiality at my discretion. What’s up?” “Would you take me on as a client? Between now and the wedding, I mean.” “You don’t want him to know?” “I expect to fail.” Nick took Truman in through the back door and immediately pulled him into

Brotherly Love (SFW)

If you haven’t read The Boyfriends Tie the Knot, the following scene won’t really do much for you. If you have read TBTTK, and if you wondered what the hell Jeremy did after Maria told him to go home so she could party with her friends…allow me to enlighten you. Kind of This isn’t edited or anything. My kid fell asleep and I don’t know, this scene suddenly existed in my head. So I wrote it down. And here I am, sharing it with you. From The Boyfriends Tie the Knot: “Oh man, I fucking forgot about Jer.” Will slumped. This so sucked. He’d

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The Boyfriends Tie the Knot: Excerpt

Will was drying, Truman was washing, and Hugh was upstairs doing who-knew-what. Okay, Truman probably knew what, but Will wasn’t asking. Part of the fun. Will was talking about the wedding, as usual. “What’re you guys getting me? Best men get gifts, you know.” “I believe Hugh procured a catalog full of restraints for just that purpose. “Shut up.” He wouldn’t really get Will restraints for a best man gift. Would he? “Anyway. I need a fucking beard.” “Do you need a beard, or do you need Molly? I’m trying to work out if this entire conversation is just an

The Nature of Compromise (SFW)

This scene takes place during The Boyfriends Tie the Knot. This is a Control the Smutwriter missing scene, brought to you by the intrepid subscribers to the new releases list! Join the list to vote for next month’s scene! If you’d like to check out the rest of the missing scenes folks voted for, look here. Hugh and Truman, night three. Ian sat in his chair and watched the two men in front of him, searching for the way the pieces fit together. “Can we just stop? Please. My head is pounding.” “We can’t stop, we don’t agree yet!” Truman looked at Ian. “I apologize.