Series books, series universe, what now?

Here's a thing I've been contemplating. (You can tell I'm in between huge projects because I'm hanging out on the blog all the time. Join me, mates, come on now!) So. The Scientific Method. Right. In my head, the specific arc of this series is Will and Hugh and Truman. Like, seriously, I'm not even sure The New Born Year really falls into what I think of as the Scientific Method series. However. How-fuckin'-ever. It's clearly in that universe. The Nick and Bernie book also doesn't fall within the Scientific Method series, but does fall inside the universe. On the other hand, Extremes, an ass-kicker

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Origin Stories: The Scientific Method

I'm gonna start a series here on the blog of origin stories. This is shit I just fucking love when I encounter it. I want to know how an idea sparked into a story sparked into a book. Fucking love that kind of geeky stuff. I love it for films and songs and plays, too. So. I'm gonna do a bit of that here on the blog. Feel free to disregard, if you find creative types yammering on about themselves and their shit boring! Oh, The Scientific Method. Let's chat. Will and Adam Derrie have been in my head since I was

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