Let’s Talk About…Bisexuality

I occasionally get myself into a cyclical conversation with open minded bisexual folks. I'm all for the folks who identify as bi meaning "I am attracted to all the people across the gender spectrum". That's cool. That's fantastic. But I'm a little bit sick of being treated like I'm irrational for not assuming that a hundred percent of bisexuals mean this, and further, for calling out people who act a little entitled about it. It has been my experience that a great many people who identify as bisexual mean that in a binary way. See what I did there? They

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In Which I Link to People Who’re Smarter than I am and Ramble Anyway.

So this thing happened. This article. In the New Yorker. And I'd link to it, but I'm not going to. Instead, please allow me to link you to the criticism of it. Here, at Bitch. Here, at The Advocate. And here, at Autostraddle. Man. I'm trying to be more irate, but really--I can't even muster it. Let me break it down. The New Yorker just ran a piece about radical feminists refusing to recognize trans women as women. So I knew going into it I was gonna be some kind of annoyed. Also, I got the link from a friend,

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