NEW COVER REVEAL: Unexpected Gifts!

Man, you guys, I love AngstyG so much. That broad can design a feckin' cover. You should totally not hire her for all the things, because SHE'S MINE, ALL MINE. Humph. Fine. Probably you should hire her for all the things. Because she's amazing. Behold the awesome: That's it. This whole post is just so I can pet the pretty cover. *pets*

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Origin Stories: Unexpected Gifts

Probably not real strong spoilers, but if you're sensitive: here there may be spoilers. I love Molly. So, Unexpected Gifts faced a similar challenge to Hugh's New Dude, though at the time I didn't realize anyone reading The Scientific Method expected Will and Hugh to actually hook up at the end. (Did I mention I'm aromantic? Yep. Never even occurred to me.) Had I known that, I might have stressed a bit more, so it's good I didn't. The first draft of HND/UG was one long intertwined story, but it didn't quite work. I liked the more-or-less parallel track of the two relationships, but the story

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Fun with Plugs (NSFW)

This delicious morsel was cut from the final-final Unexpected Gifts, but is far too sweet to leave on the editing room floor. If you’ve read the story, you’ll know the second you begin it that this bit lives at the end of the second part. If you have not read it (and really, why not?), these two delightful young kinksters are just beginning to figure out how they fit together. Explicit. From Unexpected Gifts: “A few weeks later Will went up to see the boyfriends, and Molly put her plan into action. She woke up long enough to say goodbye—among

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Unexpected Gifts: Excerpt

Molly was singing. Singing. “Going to see the boyfriends, going to see the boyfriends, we’re going to see the boyfriends today!” “I hate you.” She giggled. Then stopped herself. Because giggling was not something she thought grown women should do. (He’d asked if there was a rule book or something, maybe a set of cheat sheets for the acceptable behavior of grown women, and she’d snapped, “Yeah, Sun Tzu, The Art of War,” so he’d shut up after that. Grown women: not funny.) “I’m so excited,” Molly said. (In lieu of giggling.) “Okay, so, pretty much we’re here.” Will swallowed

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