GIMP Tutorial Link (#2); Also: Take Three Breaths, Coming Soon

Oh man. Neglect. Do you feel neglected? Don't answer that. See, this story ran away. Far, far away. Though when I look at the first draft, which was 50,000 words, I'm not sure why I thought the second draft would be 30k, though sometimes that's the kind of trimming you do when you're a yammer-on kind of writer. Instead, this puppy decided it knew exactly what it wanted to be, and led me straight on through. So what the hell. I went. Because when a story knows exactly what the fuck it wants, you're a damn fool not to hand

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Unexpected Gifts, Release Date: 4/9

(Cover to come. Seriously. Soon.) Will Derrie is not dating his friend Molly. At all. They're just fighting about Star Trek and screwing a lot. You know. Like you do, with your friends. Right? Thing is, he'd really like it if they were also screwing in a...kinky way. Which he told her. Kind of. Ish. She loves the gay couple with whom he still shares sex and whips, and when they finally try it out, Molly's a domination savant. She says gorgeous, filthy things, in just the right tone. So why can't Will get into it? (And he better try

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In Progress

Let's chat. I'm currently working on a fuck-ton of stories. It's invigorating, man. Do you juggle? I juggle. Not particularly well, but it's one of those great, mindless kinetic things you can do when you really ought to be doing other things. I can only juggle with three things, and they don't have to be identical, but then need to be relatively close in weight. I'll go for an hour, dropping, picking up, tossing. And thinking. And right now, I have an awful lot to think about whilst juggling. The Scientific Method and Hugh's New Dude are published! "Hugh Gets

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