Today’s the first day of the new writing project, which is the lovely prompt from Alexis over at the Goodreads M/M Romance group! I’m so fucking excited, I’m giddy. I can’t wait for you guys to meet Frazier. (Yes, like Frasier, but his parents thought the “z” spelling was cooler. Because when you’re really into Frasier Crane, “cool” is totally your style.)

Also, I’m optmizing my workspace. I’ve never done this much, maybe a little music here or there, but I don’t really theme my world. I did, however, do it for both Extremes and Red and Bad, S2, and it was fucking fun, dude. It was fun to turn on my phone and see a boy in a hoodie, or to turn on composition mode in Scrivener and see the beach house. So, I’m gonna play with that a little more.

I’m using the picture above for my mobile wallpaper (and oh my fuck, I just almost threw it across the room trying to take a bloody screenshot by holding power and volume, so if you lot know some kind of fucking trick, let me know). And I’m using this picture for my Scrivener composition pane. Even though the show in the story is actually taking place outside, it’s still the vibe I’m going for.

In other notes, Pandora has a showtunes station, though I’m not sure it’s exactly rocking my world yet. A little less Disney, if you will.

Now this story just needs a damn name. It’ll have the number three in it, but it’ll have to be a different vibe from Take Three Breaths, so maybe a standard phrase or something. Damn titles kill me!

Oh! Shit, I nearly forgot–guys? The Fairy Tales launch was totally the best yet, so thank you! It’s a bestseller over at ARE, and it’s, okay, it’s in the top selling list for…transgender romance at Amazon. Um. Yes. I don’t have direct control over that, so I can’t make it stop. Still, it’s visibility, and I hope people are reading the description to discover the trans* character is seven…