A quick note to say…the first draft of Home Free is complete. I’m exhausted, my wrists are sore, and I’m not entirely certain I ended it in the right place. Oh, okay, if I’m being honest–I’m never sure about my happy endings. I have no faith in them at all. But I’ll give this a good thorough revision next week or the week after, then send it out for beta.

(Are YOU interested in beta reading a romance novel with a trans main character and a character with a history of brutal sexual violence? No, there aren’t any fucking flashbacks, and no, there’s not a lot of trans processing. I know, bucking tradition everywhere. If so, email me: krisATkrisripper.com! I’m so not kidding.)

Goodnight, y’all. Man. I sure hope Maizy’s story lives up to Maizy’s disposition–you know, cheery, with a cutting edge. I could use a little cheery. This revision’s gonna be totally fascinating.

First draft stats:
Words: 75,992
Days: 29
Days until publication: 42 (whew, okay, then)

Now, onto Close to Home