(Cover to come. Seriously. Soon.)

Will Derrie is not dating his friend Molly. At all. They’re just fighting about Star Trek and screwing a lot. You know. Like you do, with your friends. Right? Thing is, he’d really like it if they were also screwing in a…kinky way. Which he told her. Kind of. Ish. She loves the gay couple with whom he still shares sex and whips, and when they finally try it out, Molly’s a domination savant. She says gorgeous, filthy things, in just the right tone. So why can’t Will get into it? (And he better try a little harder or she’s gonna kick his ass. And not in a good way.)

Right when he decides the best sex he’ll ever have is with a gay dom who’s in love with someone else, said gay dom smacks him around a bit – metaphorically/literally – and convinces him that the potential rewards of communicating honestly with Molly are worth the risk.

Warnings: Various forms of pizza and beer are consumed during times of angst, Marvel and DC Comics are invoked within moments of each other, and the hot stuff is still almost entirely with the boyfriends. (The author apologizes to Molly, whose steamy scenes all take place off-page.)

Release date: 4/9

Price: $2.99 USD