So I just pre-published all of Red and Bad, Serial Two. I’m exhausted. I know that seems silly, but it’s true. (Of course, there’s also the book club to consider…I haven’t tested all the links, so we’ll see if I do that before now and Sunday night when I send the first one.)

Oh my god, you guys, season two starts MONDAY. I hope you guys like it. Ack!

In other notes, I’ve been hard at work writing more stuff I’ll publish here on the site for free. One piece is a wildly scattered Derries cousin mini-drama. You guys haven’t seen me go crazy all over the Derries, and I’m not sure it’s a solid story, necessarily, but I wanted to resolve Jeremy’s Will-related meltdown. I can’t wait to post that, maybe next week.

The other thing I’m trying to get out before I start the second New Halliday book, The Real Life Build, is a crossover between the lads in The Spinner, the Shepherd, and the Leading Man, and Will Derrie, mostly, with the boyfriends thrown in towards the end. It’s so much fun. I can’t wait for you guys to meet Frazier. He demands first person, and it’s bliss. Unfortunately, I can’t publish that until TSTSTLM comes out this summer.

Oh! And the other missing scene, which also brings me joy, and can’t come out until episode four of serial two comes out, in June. Dude, for real, I can’t even fathom how quickly this is hitting. I kept thinking, Oh, season two, that shit doesn’t start for ages. Which is, like, next week.

In any case, all rambling aside, I just thought I’d check in. Hello! How’s everyone doing?