Sooooo, no sooner did I make a schedule but I’m breaking it.

With good reason! I just signed a contract with Riptide Publishing for the entire Queers of La Vista series, y’all. Five books. For that matter, I just finished book two like ten minutes ago.


And like, contract. I’ve never worked with a publisher before, so this should be interesting. But I’m so looking forward to developmental edits on this series. Because I think I can pull it off, but I’ll do it so much better with a little bit of help. Totally exciting!

I need to shoot a video to be all excited in, but damn, I haven’t worked it into my routine yet. I need to sandwich it between my post-run snack and writing time, and we all know how greedy I am about writing time.

In any case, break out the apple cider, people (or the hard stuff if you drink it): coming in June, 2016: Badly Titled book one, Queers of La Vista, released by Riptide Publishing!