So loads of folks are doing these great walking podcasts–Lindsay Buroker is where I first saw it, but Dave Wright and Nathan Lowell and all these other awesome folks are also taking part. And I’ve never seriously considered podcasting because I don’t have fancy equipment (you know, like a microphone: faaaaaaancy), but I love the sense of connection I get from listening to people’s actual voices. Mur Lafferty? Come the fuck on. I could listen to Mighty Mur talk for hours. In fact, I have listened to her talk for hours.

Not everyone is suited to talking. I would be shocked to discover I was, really. But there are a million ways to build relationships, and if even text-based me likes to hear people talk, I figure I have nothing to lose trying this. Except a little bit of dignity, because I probably sound like a damn fool, but I’m not starting out with a whole lot of dignity anyway. (Please. Toddler. We hold baseball dance parties, yo. This includes dancing while swinging various stick-like objects at anything that happens to be on the floor of the house. Did I mention you’re doing this while dancing? Yep. I know. Skills, man. Baseball dance party requires skills.)

Without further ado, let’s see what happens.

Listen here:

Download here: Kris’s Naptime (Test) Podcast: On Taboo

Was that unbearably annoying? Fun? Should we do more? Should we never, ever do that again? Should I take a vow of silence so as to never horrify the world with my voice? Leave a comment, or a tweet, or a something, let me know what you think. If you think that was fun, toss out some ideas for another one. Because whoa, ideas. Ideas are the hard part. You wouldn’t think coming up with one thing to talk about for 5-10 minutes would be hard–especially considering I can yammer on for five thousand words about basically nothing–but it was a freaking challenge. Man.

Signing off (and trying to forget I actually posted this).

[ETA: I could say the word “um” more. Maybe. If I tried really hard. Also, I definitely didn’t mean to imply that I look down on the twincest folks. I love everybody! I was trying to say I didn’t get the reading difference between an incest story between siblings and a twincest story. But I don’t see pictures in my head as I read, so the difference between screwing one’s brother-who-looks-different and screwing one’s brother-who-looks-the-same is indistiguishable to me. I think.]