Hello there! Do you like immersing yourself in a series of books? Do you feel like you get to know characters, as if they’re acquaintances, or even friends? Do you want more, more, more when you like a book? Do you ever spend hours and hours reading bad fanfiction just to find the one gem story that pulls you back into the world you love?

Okay, maybe that last one’s just me. But seriously, if you know of good Vorkosigan saga fanfic, send it my way, because there is a dearth, a dearth, of good fanfic in that world. (On another note, if you haven’t read the one about Captain Jack Harkness encountering young, still-hopeful Aral Vorkosigan in a bar on Komarr–dude. Exquisite!)

In any case, ahem, I write series fiction. For the most part. Because I fucking love reading series fiction. Please allow me to introduce you to my books.

>>>Queers of La Vista. Welcome to La Vista! This series is coming out in 2016 (beginning in July), and is a foray into queer community, romance, and a little bit of murder. All five books can be read alone as romance novels, but for the most bang for your buck, feel free to pick them up in chronological order (and see if you work out who the killer is).

>>>New Halliday, California. I have a mild obsession with the tension between “tradition” and “progress”, and I indulge the hell out of all the conflict that tension entails in a little town, caught halfway between the cities and the mountains, called New Halliday. Join a cast of many in the New Halliday books, where our men always get their…men.

>>>The Scientific Method Universe: a collection of novels and novellas, with stories, outtakes, cut scenes, etc.

Meet Will Derrie. He’s 21 years old at the start of the series, and we follow him as he explores sex, intimacy, desire, and commitment–and not all the answers he finds are what he expected. You can kind of pick up the books out of order–folks have done it and not yelled at me–but the reader experience will likely be most awesome if you pick up Catalysts first, then progress to Unexpected Gifts, Take Three Breaths, Breaking Down, Roller Coasters, The Boyfriends Tie the Knot, The Honeymoon Additional books not focused on Will and the boyfriends include The New Born Year, Threshold of the Year, and Surrender the Past.

>>>The Home Series: three novels and at least one novella. There will probably be a collection of porntastic shorts, as well. For whatever reason my normally steamy muse goes another direction with these characters, and there are so many delightful scenes that really should be written.

Meet Rory and Geo. In an alternative version of the United States, slavery was only mostly abolished, and indentured servitude came back in the mid-twentieth century as a solution to over-crowded prisons. Both are completely and totally forever outlawed at the start of Going Home, and Rory and Geo–who enjoyed a seven year run of slave and master–are left trying to figure out how to live apart. When living apart doesn’t work out, they find each other again, but it turns out living together isn’t exactly a cake walk. They pick up a family along the way, and this series is another foray into how we build family, and how we define home.

>>>Little Red and the Big Bad: two complete serials, helpfully titled One and Two

In serial one college boy Red meets security guard Bad and woo-ee, do they have fun. In serial two the lads deal with the same things everyone deals with in an ongoing relationship, but with a whole lot more kinky sex thrown in than, you know, your average couple. Depending on the kinds of folks you hang out with, naturally.

>>>The Ghost in the Penthouse: currently a stand-alone.

Are ghosts real? Is madness? Hiram and Manny have spent four years trying to prove they don’t need each other, but when the shit hits the fan, they have to face down more than just ghosts. I have a lot of ideas for more stories in this world (one of which, a Hugh Reynolds crossover, already exists), but it’s curiously absorbing from a creative standpoint, so I can’t quite commit yet.

>>>The Rip Halahan stories: ten connected (very short) shorts

The Erotic Gym stories! A guy who’s down on his luck starts working at an erotic gym, where he learns all sorts of things–about himself and everyone else. I kind of love these stories. Expect them to be out in a collection soon, and expect there to be more of them. I have the ideas, I just have to slot them into the schedule.

Projected for 2016:

>>>Whew hoo! The Queers of La Vista books will begin coming out this summer! HAPPY DANCE! Keep your eyes posted here and at Riptide’s website for news on that front!

>>>Next year we’ll see who Ally Jennings falls in love with (in the story that comes before Threshold of the Year in the timeline), and another SMU story about deep love, and what happens to our relationships when the plans we made just don’t work out.