Bad Comes First


Big Bad Campion likes twinks—and he likes them on their knees.

Taking advantage of the kid in the mail room is supposed to be a one-time thing, a kinky fantasy come to life. At first, that’s exactly what it is. Big Bad in charge with a submissive college boy at his feet.

The kid’s a little mouthy, but that just makes it better when Bad shuts him up.

Filthy encounters build up until Bad realizes Red’s gotten under his skin, and by then it’s way too late to cut the kid off without a word of goodbye. Plus, as long as Red knows the only rule—which is that Bad makes all the rules—things should be just fine.

And they are.

Until Little Red demands more than terse orders and Bad finds himself bewildered. And a little…intrigued. All he wanted was to get off with a disposable college boy. He wasn’t supposed to care about Red’s feelings. And he sure as hell wasn’t supposed to have any of his own.

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