Breaking Down


Bad things happen, but you never think that the bad thing is going to happen to you.

Molly’s done processing her assault. Completely. She tells Will about it only after she returns home after months away, and Will? Yeah, Will’s gonna need a minute. A week. Possibly a year. Molly gives him two days before calling for reinforcements: Will’s therapist boyfriends.

All the processing in the world can’t save what was already on its way out. Breaking up with Will has nothing to do with being raped by some asshole whose name she never even knew. That was a horrible, terrible night. It’s just that sleeping beside someone she loves but doesn’t want to be with anymore hurts like it’ll never stop.

When does a relationship really end? When you start questioning it? When you finally say it’s over? And what does it mean if you can’t stop thinking about the person months later?

Breaking Down contains non-graphic (but very overt) mentions of sexual assault. There’s a fair amount of kink and very little sex. Does not contain flashbacks, nightmares, or PTSD.