Close to Home


Sometimes you have all the answers, but none of the right questions.

Maizy’s watched her two best friends settle down, she’s risen in the ranks of her organization, and she’s decided to surrogate a baby. Her life has a lot of meaning, so why does she lie in bed sometimes feeling like everything she’s doing ends in a question mark?

Stan and Jean start out as friends of a friend, but Maizy likes them. Stan’s bashful, Jean’s self-assured and both of them make her laugh. She entertains them with stories of her many two-night-stands, but she’s still totally shocked when they ask her if she wants to sleep with them.


Pregnancy is totally insane, morning sickness lasts all day, and Maizy’s so horny she might explode. Should she risk a friendship to see what happens if they try for more? Or is the entire thing a crazy fever dream that will burst the second she gives birth?

I fully believe in warning for some content! It’s going to take me a while to add warnings to all of my book pages, so bear with me. Please, please feel free to contact me (email: kris[AT], FBTwitter) if you want warnings for any book.