Every New Beginning


The more things change, the more they stay the same. And that goes double for New Year’s at the beach house.

Molly’s at the beach house for the first time in years and she’s got a lot on her mind. She wants a more stable career than the one she has, but that might involve going back to school (which she swore she’d never do). It also might involve imposing more regularly on her…friends in London. Which might be fine? But what if seeing each other more often means they lose the thing that makes their relationship special?

Of course, she could spill all this to her family and let them reassure her, but that’s a can of worms she’s not so sure she wants to open. Plus, she has plenty of distractions. Some folks are contemplating parenthood, some are contemplating the nature of love, others are dealing with loss, everyone’s favorite triad has finally admitted their feelings for each other, and then there’s Lucy. (Mmm, thank goodness for Lucy.)

Hugs, gossip, cuddling, speeches, long walks on the beach, new friends, and loads of laughter. Sure, decisions must be made. But for now all she has to do is eat some good food and love on her family. Happy New Year’s at the beach house to Molly!

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